Sorice has served Rockland County, Orange County, Sloatsburg & Pierson Lakes homes since 1973 with creative landscaping design and construction Landscaping contractor Sorice provides creative design and stonework for Rockland County estates

Sorice Landscaping Rockland: Design, Construction, Masonry and Maintenance

Landscape Contractor for Rockland County and Orange County Homes and Estates since 1973, including Tuxedo Park, Pierson Lakes and Sloatsburg

Landscape design in Rockland and Orange Counties Landscape Design Imaginative designs and meticulous installations for the homes and estates of Rockland County and Orange County. Hilly terrain is our palette, inviting use of the specialty stonework we are known for.
Stone retaining walls enhance enjoyment of your home Creative Stonework and Masonry One of our specialties. We use stonework in our landscape designs, from pools and patios, walkways, pillars and steps to retaining walls and terraced hillsides.
For outdoor living, an outdoor kitchen in Rockland County Outdoor Living Spaces Enjoyment of your home doesn’t stop with the interior. Outdoor living spaces add immeasurable entertainment value, including barbecues/fire pits, kitchen and dining patios and cozy garden rooms.
Garden, lawn and estate maintenance in Rockland County Estate Maintenance/Lawn Maintenance We maintain the lawns and gardens of Rockland County and Orange County homes and estates, including homes in Tuxedo Park and Pierson Lakes.
Seasonal color plantings highlight your home Plantings and Perennials Our landscaping design work includes planting of lawns and garden beds and transplanting of trees, shrubs and perennials to highlight your home’s setting and enhance your enjoyment of its outdoor spaces.